As mentioned above, EuMedLex is specialized in the broad field of health care. This broad field of health embraces amongst others:

practice areas >hospital law

Obtaining authorization to open a hospital service, a care program, a hospital function etc. supposes the compliance with specific norms.
EuMedLex helps hospitals who wants to obtain an authorization or whose request for recognition has been refused or suspended.
EuMedLex will also offer legal aid in discussions between hospital administrators and doctors concerning e.g. working conditions, dismissal, fee deduction, general regulation issues, etc.

EuMedLex works on legal solutions for problems connected with forms of cooperation between hospitals, such as mergers, groupings, associations, networks, holdings, etc.
EuMedLex has, for that purpose, an eye for the regulation in the frame of hospital legislation but as well as other related legislation.

practice areas >professional practice of health care professions

Doctors, pharmacists, dentists, nurses and all other professional practitioners in the health care are subject to specific rules concerning the exercise of their profession.
EuMedLex advises and guides those professional practitioners as well as public authorities with problems concerning the practice of medicine. Professional practitioners, such as doctors, often need contractual or structural legal guidelines for the exercise of their profession.
EuMedLex advises professional practitioners also with the drawing up and the elaboration of contracts and/or statutes.

practice areas >medical devices

Medical devices and accessories are increasingly subject to specific rules.
EuMedLex helps firms which are faced with complications concerning the bringing on the market of medical devices as well as concerning reimbursement regulations.

practice areas >pharmaceutical law

EuMedLex guides pharmaceutical firms wanting to bring medicinal products on the market from the investigation phase onwards to the commercialization phase.
EuMedLex offers legal advice during the editing of documents such as investigator contracts and agreement forms for phase I, II and III studies.
EuMedLex helps firms in legal areas of the marketing authorization of medicinal products. The resolution of problems connected with distribution and/or promotion and advertising or privacy and reimbursement of pharmaceutical products also belongs to the practice of EuMedLex.

practice areas >medical liability

Professional practitioners, institutions or producers of medicinal products, medical devices or products are increasingly involved in civil or criminal liability trials.
EuMedLex offers aid to health care actors involved in this type of procedures.
EuMedLex offers legal advice for the drawing up of clinical standards or clinical paths to prevent claims or for the elaboration of out-of-court settlements.

practice areas >privacy and data protection

Processing of health data for different aims (treatment, research, quality, statistics, etc.) requires the compliance with specific rules.
EuMedLex guides the health care actors in charge of processing with the elaboration of information and/or consent forms, privacy policies, contracts with processors, notifications, privacy regulations and contracts concerning data transfer.

practice areas >disciplinary law

EuMedLex offers legal advice to instances and professional practitioners in the health care involved in disciplinary rules.

practice areas >bio-ethics

Questions needing an ethical as well as a legal approach raise at the beginning and at the end of life.
EuMedLex offers a legal approach for delicate questions related to the developing technology and concerning the use of embryos, body material, experiments, euthanasia.
EuMedLex acts for professional practitioners, institutions or advisories.

practice areas >competition and health care

EuMedLex is increasingly associated with legal competition cases. It concerns the impact of competition law on the acquisition/sale of medicinal products and medical devices as well as on the price policy with regard to pharmaceutical products and medical devices.
EuMedLex also offers legal advice about the impact of competition law on the cooperation between hospitals and/or health care professionals or organizations. The competition legislation is often taken into consideration in legal administrative discussions.